Local producers

Tasmania’s rich soil, passionate farmers and fishermen produce a feast of offerings which have inspired chefs, foodies and gourmet gurus alike.


The North West Coast has a unique collection of award winning boutique restaurants and a long history of agricultural success. The region has a phenominal variety of produce to sample, savour and purchase.
Tasmania’s North West is synonymous with primary production, and its rich red soil produces export crops such as poppies, peas, potatoes, pyrethrum, carrots and onions. There’s also delicious local crayfish, scallops and oysters from the cool waters of Bass Strait and the vast Southern Ocean. Or try our tasty prime beef, naturally fattened on lush, green pastures.

Create your very own regional dish

In the comfort of your own kitchen. We recommend Pan-seared Stanley Scallops with a pernod & Cream Sauce using premium local ingredients found right here in Stanley.


Pan Seared Stanley Scallops Shopping List

  • 8-10 good size scallops
  • small amount of olive oil
  • 30ml Pernod
  • 80ml pouring cream
  • Sea salt, pepper and freshly chopped parsley to season


Heat a small frypan with a little olive oil over a hot gas flame until the pan is barely smoking

Add 8-10 good size scallops and toss quickly for a few seconds in the hot oil (careful not to burn)

Pour in 30ml (approx.) of Pernod & flambé in the pan, continually tossing the scallops until there is no longer flame from the pan and all the alcohol is burnt off. You can substitute Pernod for a good quality Tasmanian White Wine but the sauce will not be quite as rich.

Add enough pouring cream (approx. 80ml) to coat generously and poach the scallops in the pan. Reduce the gas flame to a medium heat at this point.

Season with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper & finely chopped fresh parsley.
Reduce the cream by about one third until the sauce is thickened. This whole process should take approx. 3-5 mins.

Serve with freshly baked bread and a glass of Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc.
Recipe courtesy of Cable Station Restaurant, Stanley