The Arch

Trowutta Arch

Follow the C218 Take Trowutta Road through Trowutta and turn left onto Reids Road. After 0.7 km turn right onto Reynolds Road and continue for 2.94 kms before turning left onto Gunn Road. Continue along Gunn Road for another 1.2 kms  to a sign on the left indicating the edge of the Trowutta Caves State Reserve.After another 100 metres a sign on the left indicates the start of the walking track to Trowutta Arch. A 15 minute, relatively easy walk with arrow indicators, leads through the forest to the interesting geological feature of Trowutta Arch.”

Reynolds Road and Gunn Road are unsealed.

All directional signage is currently very basic.

Reasonable care and alertness is required to follow the markers currently indicating the walking trail through the forest.